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We have four product ranges, each of which is suitable for different applications:

These systems are suitable for areas ranging from small sailing boats and yachts to entire hotel complexes or larger ships. Contact us and we are guaranteed to find the right solution for you.


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Reverse Osmosis Theory

Reverse Osmosis, like many other practical scientific methods, has been developed from processes first observed in nature.

Osmosis is a naturally occurring phenomenon in which a semi-permeable membrane separates a pure and a concentrated solution (a semi-permeable membrane is defined as one that preferentially passes a particular substance). Every fluid has an inherent potential that is directly related to the type and amount of solids in solution. This potential, referred to as osmotic pressure, increases in proportion to relative concentration of a solution. A concentrated solution, therefore, has an osmotic pressure that is higher than that of a pure solution.

Reverse Osmosis in a real sense is a process in which the sea water dissolved ingredients are reduced. This is achieved by pressing sea water through a membrane. You should look at membrane as a kind molecular sieve with tiny holes finest permeability. (0,0001µ).

Most of the solved components cannot pass the membrane. This is the BRINE FLOW, and will be discharged over board. Only about 20% of the flow water has reached as PRODUCT FLOW in our tanks. The remaining 80% of the water is used for flushing the membrane. The plants to desalinate we call REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEMS (RO SYSTEMS). The product water has exceptionally good quality. It is free from viruses and bacteria.

What do you have to prepare, to install these systems on your boat

The installation of a RO plant on a boat is quite simple and may be done by each owner, who is also able to do some work on his boat by himself. Basically, you must install a seawater supply and a Brine Water outlet. The supply should as far as possible under the waterline. It is also possible, to use existing seawater inlet with a three-way valve or use an existing supply in a dual inlet rebuild. The Brine water outlet should be above the waterline. He is generally a 1/2″ outlet. All 12/24 Volt installations as well as the NO FRILLS Series are modular plants, i.e.. all components can be installed separated from each other. If you have any questions, please call us, or send an E-Mail. Use the easy E-mail function.



(at this time in Durban/South Africa)

Dr. Hansgeorg Köster:

We have had your NO FRILLS 1000 230V watermaker on board for 3 years now, time for a little review.

You may remember that at the beginning of 2012, after less than 2 1/2 years, we threw out a 24V watermaker from another manufacturer in New Zealand due to its susceptibility to faults and replaced it with the NO FRILLS. Since then, the new watermaker has been doing its job without a single malfunction and delivers water in huge quantities – the promised 170 l/h are always achieved. In 2013, we only took water from shore once, before leaving Southport/Queensland, otherwise we produced our own – not only for us, but also for some villages at anchorages in the villages at anchorages in the Louisiades/Papua New Guinea, which were suffering from severe drought.

The robust construction and the straightforward, simple concept – without „frills“ – are really ideal for trips far away from service facilities, as we do with our ALUMNI!
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