Sea Recovery Watermaker

AQUA MATIC compact
The revolutionary Aqua Matic is engeneered to be easier to use and more reliable than conventional watermakers. Featuring the latest technology, the Aqua Matic is able to regulate and monitor system functions without the need of an operator. With one touch, the Aqua Maric will start and finish water production automatcally, allowing boaters more time to relax and enjoy their cruise. Standard features are such as NMEA2000 compliant, one touch operation, full colour touchscreen and fully automatic salinity control.
Modulare Version
If you have space problems, look at the modular version with all the wonderful features as the compact version.
Ultra Whisper
You don't have 230V on board? No problem. The Ultra Whisper produces only with a 12V DC power source, 63L/h with only 26A consumption. Available from 31L/h up to 90L/h. And its also fully automatic. Just switch ON or OFF.
Ultra Whisper modular
This is the modular version of the remarcable compact version. All standard features included.
Aqua Whisper mini
This is the little compact solution. 27L/h with your 12V DC power supply. If you have 230V AC, you can produce up to 118L/h. Give us a call or send us an e-mail for a personal quotation.


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